Salary Guide: US Career Path, Digital Marketing Manager

Top skills required for a digital marketing manager position include analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing/campaign, and social media advertising. The career trajectory for digital marketing managers can start from a marketing director or a senior project manager role.

Career Trajectory

  • A digital marketing manager is responsible for coordinating and handling the different parts of an organization’s digital marketing plans and strategy. The job entails developing and managing marketing campaigns, driving brand awareness, and driving website traffic.
  • According to the US Labor of Statistics, this position has a median salary of $66,166 with a job outlook of 8% between 2018 and 2028.
  • A career trajectory shows that one may start in the role of marketing director and progress to the position of director of consumer marketing. Additionally, progress can be from a senior project manager’s role to the senior manager of marketing, finally, to the director of online marketing.Career Trajectory for digital marketing managers
  • Before becoming a digital marketing manager, one may start off in a role such as marketing manager 16.0%, marketing internship 7.7%, account executive 6.9%, or project manager 6%.

Top Skills for Digital Marketing Managers

  • According to Zippia, a survey of resumes in the US indicates that “9% of digital marketing managers are proficient in analytics, digital Strategy, and Email Campaigns.” A detailed breakdown shows that 9% are proficient in analytics, 7% in digital strategy, 5% in email campaigns, web content, paid search, and project management.
  • Analytics: A comprehensive knowledge of Google Analytics, creating MIS reports, detailed trends, and overall traffic patterns are essential skills to succeed in the role of a digital marketing manager. Additionally, proper data analysis and optimization from insights have been proven to increase company/brands’ profitability. Experience in Google AdWords, Kenshoo, and Exact Target is also beneficial for digital marketing managers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): There is a high demand for digital marketing managers who can develop and execute digital marketing strategies through SEO/SEM and social media channels. SEO refers to “making sure a particular website shows up organically in top search engine results.” Digital marketing managers should “optimize the design of websites and technical aspects of web content to show brand authority.”
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Paid Search: SEM is also known as the Pay-Per-Click form of advertisement. Digital marketing managers reach their audiences through this method by placing adverts on search engine result pages. Marketing managers should know about managing paid search, multiple projects, and implementing lead capture campaigns. Furthermore, targeted landing pages help drive traffic through paid search and social.
  • Email Campaign/Marketing: The position involves developing and directing email campaigns with consumer segments, professionals, and consumer targets. Currently, email campaigns involve “niche targeting, analyzing bounce, open rates, and conversions.” Campaigns through this medium are an excellent form of brand awareness because clients and advocates communicate through emails. Survey shows that most marketing campaigns start from companies’ email lists.
  • Social Media Advertising: Digital marketing managers should be able to utilize paid advertising opportunities on social media to drive brand awareness and company/brand value proposition. Other soft skills include leadership, adaptability and problem-solving.

Average Requirements

  • A review of different job-seeking platforms indicates that companies/brands are looking for managers with a bachelor’s degree in marketing/business or related fields and experience working with a content management system. Companies/brands are also searching for managers with up to 5 years of experience in digital marketing or advertising positions, knowledge of different social media platforms, with excellent analytical capabilities.
  • Furthermore, certifications such as “Certified Marketer in Digital Management” or “Certified Marketer in Marketing Management” and memberships of associations (American Marketing Association) are known to boost one’s chances of occupying this position.
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