Salary Guide: US Career Path, Content Specialist / Content Marketing Specialist

Many content specialists have previously been teachers, administrative assistance, customer service representatives, editors, and interns. The top skills required for the position are marketing, strategy, social media, research skills, and analytics. The career path for a Content Specialist in the US has described below.

Career Trajectory

  • The top careers before being a content specialist are internship, teacher, sales associate, editor, administrative assistant, and customer service representative.
  • A person can be promoted several positions after being a content specialist. The top careers after being a content specialist are writer, editor, consultant, team leader, technical writer, executive assistant, and media coordinator. After being in these positions, they can be promoted to be product managers, marketing specialists, account executives, content managers, and marketing consultants.
  • The top careers after being a content specialist are writer, editor, content manager, consultant, and teacher.

Top Skills Required

  • SEMrush Academy analyzed over 9,200 content marketing vacancies in the US. The company analyzed these vacancies using two major job search sites, Monster and Indeed. The job vacancies that were reviewed were content specialists, content marketers, content managers, and content writers.
  • According to the report, the top five skills required in the content marketing industry are marketing (94%), strategy (55%), social media (52%), research skills (39%), and analytics (37%).
  • Content marketing entails developing relevant, valuable, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined target audience.
  • Content strategy skills involve transforming business goals and objectives into a plan that utilizes content as a means of achieving the objectives and goals.
  • A person with social media skills should be able to understand trends, time management, and flexibility, have good communication, be creative, and efficient.
  • To have excellent research skills, one must have the ability to find credible sources of information, planning skills, communication skills, and be self-motivated.
  • Also in terms of analytics, content specialists should be able to collect and analyze data and then create solutions to problems using that information.

Average Requirements for the Role

  • According to statistics, approximately 58.8% of content specialists have bachelor’s degrees. In addition, 21.7% of them have master’s degrees. A majority of content specialists have a college degree and it is difficult to become one with only a GED or a high school degree.
  • Content specialists are expected to have previous experience and can be hired if they previously have had internship roles. A majority of content specialist jobs require career experience in roles such as sales associate or teacher.
  • The popular soft skills associated with the job are leadership (32%), deadlines (26%), written communication (9%), and adaptability (1%).
  • Five degrees that are mentioned in most resumes are communication, business, journalism, English, and marketing. In addition, one can either have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, associate’s degree, a certificate, or high school diploma.
  • Furthermore, one is required to be conversant with content marketing tools. The tools that are mentioned the most in content marketing vacancies include Salesforce, Hubspot, MS Office, Marketo, SEMrush, Pardot, Moz, Ahrefs, Drupal, and Canva.
  • When it comes to experience, many employers look for candidates that have one to four years’ experience in content creation.
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