Salary Guide: US Career Path, Content Director / Director of Content Marketing

The following are some aspects regarding the US career path for Content Director and Director of Content Marketing positions.

Content Director

  • Previous to occupy the Content Director position, candidates usually work as Editors and Managing Editors.
  • The next steps up the career ladder would be becoming Marketing Director, Program Manager (non-profit organizations), or Content Manager, among others.
  • The top five skills ranked according to how they impact the salary are Content Management (avg. salary of $81,355), Strategy (avg. salary of $91,680), Editing (avg. salary of $87,158), Copywriting (avg. salary of $88,183), and People Management (avg. salary of $81,877).
  • For being Content Director they are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, journalism, marketing, or a related field.
  • According to statistics, 62% of Content Directors have a Bachelor’s degree, 24% have a Master’s degree, 4% have an Associate degree, 4% have a Certificate degree, and 6% have other degrees.


  • The most common universities in which they study are the University of Georgia (with an enrollment of 29,474 students), the University of Wisconsin (with an enrollment of 30,360 students), and the Ohio State University (with 45,769 students enrolled), among others.
  • Usually, Content Directors are expected to have experience in communication, writing, editing, and project management, as well as prior team management experience.
  • Also, they are expected to have 10+ plus years of corporate communications experience.
  • A Content Director typically makes between $51k — $141k (avg. $21,00 hourly rate).

Director of Content Marketing

  • Previous positions usually involve being a Marketing Manager (11,7%), Marketing Internship (8,3%), and Writer/Editor (7,1%).
  • The next step up the career ladder would be becoming a content Strategist.
  • Among other possibilities, a Content Marketing Manager may start with a role such as marketing director and progress to the position of a director of digital marketing as can be seen in the chart below.

Career Path

  • The top five skills ranked according to how they impact the salary are Content Management (avg. salary of $92,336), Strategic Marketing (avg. salary of $91,867), Copywriting (avg. salary of $93,618), Editing (avg. salary of $90,386), and Marketing Communications (avg. salary of $96,450).
  • Candidates for the Director of Content Marketing position are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and/or communication.
  • Besides, they will be required to have experience in creating content for the web across several disciplines such as text or video, and media (blogging, guides, whitepapers, research, infographics, and podcasts).
  • Companies demand the candidate to have at least 8-10 years’ experience.
  • A Content Marketing Director typically makes between $55k — $137k.
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