Reasons Why Home-Based Business Owners Switch From Consumer Wireless and Internet Plans to Business Plans

Some of the primary factors that drive home-based business owners to switch from consumer wireless and internist plans to business plans include the nature of the business, the sizes of operations and files shared, the number of employees and the amount of security required. These factors, and why they are drivers to switch to a business plan, are discussed in detail below.

1. Nature of the Business

  • As a business grows and applies more sophisticated tools such as a mail server, infrastructure, or any other enterprise-level software, a business internet plan becomes a necessity. In addition, if a majority of the business depends on the internet, a switch from a consumer plan to a business plan is necessary.
  • If the nature of the business includes clerical work, short video conference calls and checking emails, a high-speed consumer plan is enough. On the other hand, if the internet is used for functions such as communicating with clients, conducting teleconferences for extended periods, or maintaining a website, it is highly recommended that the business switches to a business internet plan.
  • A business that relies on customer support, for example, requires business internet due to the number and varying length of calls handled.

2. Size of Operations and Files

3. Number of Employees

  • The larger the employee base of a business is, the more speed the business needs. For example, a call center with over 30 employees on the internet and phone simultaneously may need a 1,000 Mbps plan, but a small shop with a few employees can work with a 75 Mbps plan.
  • Business internet plans are two to five times faster than consumer wireless plans. This means that they enable more people to get more things done over the same connection.
  • If a home-based business has more than five people on the same internet connection, a switch to a business internet plan is necessary.

4. Amount of Security Required

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