Consumer and Marketing-Focused Insights (i.e., purchasing dynamics, content/brand messaging, communication channels) Around Frozen Healthy Baked Goods and Breakfast Foods


To develop consumer and marketing-focused insights (i.e., purchasing dynamics, content/brand messaging, communication channels) around frozen healthy baked goods and breakfast foods, focusing first on muffins and frittatas and then more broadly on top convenient frozen brands. These insights may be used to inform a digital strategy for a growing frozen food brand.

Frozen Baked Goods Marketing

The demand for frozen foods among consumers has increased in recent years and is also predicted to increase in the future, driven mainly due to the factors like rising disposable income levels of consumers; convenience and nutritional benefits of frozen foods, among others.

Frozen Food Consumer insights

  • According to the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) survey report, about 43% of millennial consumers are buying more frozen items. In 2018, dollar sales of frozen foods rose significantly, and some subcategories that saw the biggest jump in sales included smoothies (13%), frozen breakfast meals (8.3%), waffles (4.9%), breakfast sausages (4.4%).
  • Millennial parents have become a core market segment for frozen entrees mainly due to the convenience, and as more millennials shift into parenthood, the demand for frozen foods will continue to grow as millennial consumers prefer the convenience offered by frozen foods.
  • There is an increased demand for healthy and nutritious products, and organic frozen food options are gaining market in recent years as wellness and sustainability trends are taking over consumer shopping habits.
  • Some reasons for millennials driving frozen food include convenience, health & nutrients benefits, high-quality products & ethical consumerism, budget-friendly, and reduction in food waste.
  • According to a report published by SmarterHQ, about 72% of consumers agreed that they only connect with personalized and tailored marketing messages that match their interests. The report also revealed that millennial shoppers are buying varying appetites and brand preferences.
  • Research from NPD notes that more than 80% of meals and eating are taking place in the homes, and hence, U.S. consumers are shifting to things like frozen vegetables and chicken for cooking convenience at dinnertime.
  • According to a report published by the American Frozen Food Institute, the top five motivators for millennials for purchasing more frozen foods post-COVID-19 include- long shelf-life (58%), stock up in case of food shortages (64%), limit grocery store trips (50%), make mealtimes more convenient (46%), and save time on food prep and cleanup (32%).
  • One of the key factors for the rising popularity of frozen foods is the dietary and lifestyle trend among consumers. According to SPINS and IRI data, the plant-based and vegan-friendly diet witnessed an increase in sales of 28% each in 2020 as compared to last year. The report also noted that labeled allergy-friendly products increased by 36%, and certified paleo grew by 35% in the last one year.
  • According to Food Marketing Institute (FMI), 8 in 10 consumers like having frozen food in stock as a backup solution, and 7 in 10 consumers have the opinion that frozen foods limit their grocery trips when they don’t have fresh items.
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